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nasty habit

a bad or unpleasant tendency

nasty shock

an unpleasant surprise

native country

the country in which you were born

native speaker

someone for whom a particular language is their first or native language

natural causes

If you die of natural causes, your life ends naturally and not because of an accident, murder or suicide.

natural disaster

a natural event that causes great harm, e.g. an earthquake, cyclone, tornado, etc.

natural resources

things from nature that we can use, e.g. oil, coal, rivers, lakes, trees, forests, etc.

neat and tidy

not messy

need badly

to need very much

negative attitude

an attitude that shows a critical viewpoint or a negative bias

nervous wreck

a person who's very stressed or nervous

net profit

profit remaining after taxes and costs have been deducted

net result

the final or overall effect or result of something

net worth

the total value of everything you own, including property and money, minus any debts you owe

never knew

to not know something

new generation

a new group of people or products that appeared around the same time

new job

a different job or a job you've found recently

next time

the time after this time

next-door neighbours

people living in a house next to yours

nice time

a pleasant or enjoyable experience

non-stop flight

flight that doesn't stop over on its way to a destination

not necessarily (so)

not always or not definitely

nothing else

no other thing or things

nothing much

nothing that's important

nothing wrong with

nothing that's causing a problem

nowhere near (1)

far away from

nowhere near (2)

not almost, or not similar to

null and void

having no legal effect or force

Contributor: Matt Errey