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obey an order

to do what someone orders or commands you to do

occupational hazard

a danger that people doing a particular job face

odd number

any whole number that can't be exactly divided by two, such as 1, 3, 5, 7, etc.

odd socks

socks that don't match

offer a job

to tell someone they can have a job if they want it

offer an explanation

to explain why something was done

offer condolences

to convey sympathy to the family or friends of someone who's died

offer your services

to offer your time and skills to help a person or an organization

office block

a large building that houses many offices

office hours

hours when an office is open for business

office job

a job that's done at a desk in an office

old age

the time in life after middle age

old friend

a friend you've known for a very long time

only just (1)

a very short time ago

only just (2)

by a very small amount

open an account

to start an account with a bank, credit union, building society, supplier of goods, etc.

open an investigation

to begin an investigation into something

open fire

to start shooting with a weapon

opening hours

the time during which a club, park, library, shop, gallery, etc. is open

openly gay

If you're openly gay, you don't hide your homosexuality.

opposition party

a political party that's in opposition to the party or parties in power

optional extras

special features a product can have if you pay extra for them

organic farming

farming without using artificial chemicals

overall effect

the general effect, or overall result, of something

owe an apology

If you think you owe somebody an apology, you think you should say sorry to them.

owe an explanation

If you think someone owes you an explanation, you think they should explain why they did something that badly affected you.

Contributor: Matt Errey