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pack a suitcase

to put clothes and other possessions into a suitcase

pack of cards

a full set of playing cards

painful memory

a memory that's upsetting or disturbing

painful reminder

If something's a painful reminder, it reminds you of something you find upsetting or disturbing.

painfully shy

extremely shy, or so shy that other people find it disturbing

painfully slow

extremely slow, or so slow that people become impatient

painfully thin

extremely thin, of a person or animal

pair work

a type of learning activity in which two students work together

part company (1)

to end a relationship or partnership

part company (2)

to stop travelling or spending time together and go different ways

pass (the) time

to do something to fill in time when you're bored or have nothing to do

pass a law

to bring in a new law by voting in parliament or by decree

pass a test

to not fail a test

pay a bill

to pay the amount stated on a bill

pay a visit

to visit someone or something

pay attention

to watch closely or listen carefully to someone or something

pay increase

an increase in the amount of money paid as a wage or salary

peace and quiet

no noise or disturbance

perfectly normal

not unusual at all

personal belongings

personal possessions that belong to you

phone rings

If your phone rings, it makes a noise to let you know someone's calling you.

pick your nose

to use a finger to remove dried mucus from inside your nose

piece of advice

a particular suggestion given as advice

piece of equipment

one particular item used as equipment

piece of information

a particular fact or item of information

piece of music

any musical work, including musical compositions, traditional works, improvised music, pop songs, etc.

piece of paper

one sheet or scrap of paper

place an order

put in an order to buy something

play a part

perform a particular role, or be involved in a particular way

play music

to make music with an instrument, or to broadcast recorded music

point of view

a particular perspective or way of seeing things

political prisoner

someone who's imprisoned because of their political beliefs

poor eyesight

not very good eyesight

poor health

not very good health

popular belief

an idea that most people believe is true

pose a risk

to create risk of danger or harm

pose a threat

create the threat of danger or harm

press a key

to put a finger on a key on a keyboard and press down

pretty good

quite good or fairly good

pretty well

fairly well or reasonably well

private life

aspects of someone's life that aren't related to work or other public roles

public opinion

the opinions of the majority of people in a society

pull a muscle

to injure a muscle by lifting something heavy or moving too quickly

push a button

to press a button on a machine or an appliance

put on weight

to become heavier or fatter, of a person or an animal

put out a cigarette

to stop a cigarette from burning

put out a fire

to stop a fire from burning

put up prices

to increase prices

put up wages

to increase wages

put up your hand

to raise your arm if you want to say something, ask or answer a question, show you're present, etc.

Contributor: Matt Errey

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