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racial discrimination

unfair treatment of someone because of their race

radical reform

major and fundamental reform

rain hard

rain heavily, as during a storm or a downpour

rainy day

a day during which it rains quite a lot

raise a family

to raise one or more children in a family setting

raise doubts

to express doubts or concerns about something

raise hopes

to make somebody feel more hopeful

raise money

to collect money for a special purpose

raise questions

to bring issues or questions to somebody's attention

raise taxes

to increase the rate of taxation

raise your voice

to show anger by speaking louder than usual

rapid growth

fast growth, or growth in a short period of time

rate of return

the percentage of an original investment that is returned as profit

rave review

a very good review of a book, movie, play, concert, etc.

reach a verdict

to decide if the accused is guilty or not

reach an agreement

to finally agree after discussing or negotiating something

read aloud

to say words out loud as you read them

readily available

easy to obtain or easy to find

real life

life as it's really experienced, or life in the real world

real live

present in reality, and not in a film, on TV, etc.

real wages

the true value of wages, in terms of what you can buy with the money

reasonable explanation

an explanation that most people can accept or believe

reasonably happy

fairly pleased or reasonably satisfied

reasonably priced

for sale or rent at a fair price

reasonably well

fairly well or satisfactorily

recommend highly

to strongly recommend someone or something

regain control

to get control of something again after losing control

repair damage

to fix the damage to something

resort to violence

to use violence when other methods have failed

restore confidence

to bring back confidence, trust or belief in something

restore order

to bring back order after a period of revolt or disorder

retain control

to maintain control of, or keep control over, something

return a call

to call someone back after not answering their call

return address

a sender's address, for replying to or returning a letter or parcel

return fire

to fire back when someone's firing a weapon at you

return flight

the flight back from where your first flight took you

return home

to come back home, or to go back home

return ticket

a ticket for travelling to a place, and then back again

rhetorical question

a question that's asked to make a point, not get an answer

right away

immediately, or without delay

right now (1)

at this moment

right now (2)

immediately, or without delay

road safety

safety on roads for drivers, passengers and pedestrians

room for improvement

the possibility or need for something to improve

root cause

the main or fundamental cause of something

root crop

a plant with roots or other underground parts that can be eaten, like carrots, potatoes, ginger, etc.

rough draft

an unedited or unpolished version of an essay, book, speech, screenplay, etc.

rough estimate

an approximate estimate

rough idea

a vague or approximate idea, concept, memory, etc.

round number

any whole number that ends in 0, such as 10, 150, and 1250

run a business

to be in charge of a business

run the risk of

to do something risky, or that could have a bad result

running late

behind schedule

running low

almost used up or almost exhausted, esp. of fuel, supplies, foods, drinks, etc.

runny nose

If you've got a runny nose, liquid mucus is running from your nose.

Contributor: Matt Errey