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safe and sound

not harmed, hurt or damaged in any way

safe distance

far enough away from danger to be safe

safety hazard

something that isn't safe or creates danger

safety net

government programs that help people in trouble, esp. the poor, sick, unemployed, old, homeless, etc.

safety record

a record showing how effective safety measures have been

sales figures

figures showing the number of products sold

sales force

all the people employed to sell a company's products

satisfy a need

to give or provide what somebody needs

satisfy a requirement

to have what a requirement states or specifies

satisfy demand

to sell products in the quantities demanded by the market

save lives

to prevent deaths, or stop people from dying

save money (1)

to keep money for the future

save money (2)

to pay less money

save time

to use less time

say goodbye

to say a parting word as you leave, or as somebody else leaves

say sorry

to apologize to someone

scare tactic

a tactic that uses fear to make people behave a certain way

score a goal

to get a goal in sport

security forces

military and police forces

see reason

to see that your view is unreasonable or wrong, and reconsider

see what sb means

to understand somebody's viewpoint or observation

sense of direction

a natural ability to know which direction you're going in

sense of humour

an ability to see and express humour, or the funny side of things

serious accident

an accident in which someone is badly injured or killed

serious illness

a very harmful or dangerous illness

serious injury

a very bad injury

serious mistake

a very bad mistake

serious relationship

a romantic relationship that you take seriously

seriously damage (1)

badly damage (of material objects)

seriously damage (2)

badly affect (of non-material or abstract things)

seriously ill

very sick

seriously injured

badly hurt or injured

seriously wounded

badly hurt by a weapon

serve a purpose

to be useful, esp. in achieving an aim or performing a function

serve interests

to benefit or support the interests of someone or something

set a date

to decide the date on which something in the future will happen

set a goal

to decide what it is you'll try to achieve

set a record

to achieve a new record in sport, sales, profits, losses, etc.

set a standard

to set or establish a certain level of quality

set a table

to put forks, knives, spoons, plates, place mats, etc. onto a table before a meal is served

set an alarm

to set the time at which the alarm in a phone or alarm clock will ring

set fire to | set on fire

to make something start burning

set free

to let someone or something go free

set menu

a complete meal with several courses for a fixed price

short memory

If you have a short memory, you can forget things soon after they've happened.

social justice

fair distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges in society

social life

the part of life involving friends and social activities

solve a crime

to find out who committed a crime

solve a problem

to find the solution to a problem

spare time

time when you're free to do whatever you want to do

speedy recovery

a quicker recovery from illness or injury than usual

spend time

to do something or be somewhere for a certain time

spend your life

to use the time you have in life

stand trial

to be judged for a crime in a court of law

stay awake

to remain awake, or not go to sleep

stay put

to stay in the same place or situation

stay tuned

keep watching a television broadcast or keep listening to a radio broadcast

steady job

a job that offers constant work and a reliable income

steady relationship

a serious and stable romantic relationship

steady stream

constant sequence, or many things one after another

stiff competition

strong competition from rivals or opponents

still (be) alive

not yet dead

straight after

immediately after something happens or finishes

straight ahead

directly in front

straight answer

an honest and direct answer to a question

straight away


strictly speaking

according to a strict definition of a meaning or a regulation

strike a balance (btw)

to find a balanced position that's reasonable and fair for all or both sides

strongly support

to support or believe in somebody or something very much

sure sign

a sign or evidence that something is happening or definitely true

Contributor: Matt Errey