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take (sb's) temperature

to measure somebody's body temperature

take (sb) to court

to begin a legal case against someone

take a break

to stop doing something for a short time, e.g. to eat, rest, go to the toilet, etc.

take a call

to answer or accept an incoming telephone call

take a look

to examine, inspect or look at something

take a message

to write down or memorize a message for somebody

take a risk

to do something you know is dangerous

take a seat

to sit down on a chair, bench, sofa, etc.

take a step (1)

to put one foot in front of the other, as when walking

take a step (2)

to do something that helps to achieve a goal

take a test

to sit an examination or do a test

take action

to do something to achieve a goal or solve a problem

take advice

to do what somebody advises you to do

take ages

to take a long time

take care

be careful

take care of

to care for or look after somebody or something

take charge

to take control or assume responsibility

take drugs

to use mind-altering or mood-altering drugs

take exercise

to exercise your body for health or fitness

take hostage

to capture and threaten somebody in order to get something

take long

to take a long time to do or finish

take medicine

to swallow a tablet or syrup to cure an illness

take notes

to write notes in a lecture or when reading

take notice

to pay attention to something

take part

to be involved, or to participate in something

take place

to happen or occur

take pride in

to be proud of your talent, skills, work, achievements, etc.

take prisoner

to capture and imprison somebody, esp. in a war or battle

take sb's place

to replace somebody, or to do something instead of somebody else

take seriously

to think that somebody or something is important or deserves your full attention

take time

to take a long time

take turns

If people take turns, they do something one after the other, or alternately.

take up space

to occupy or fill up space

take your time

to take as long as you like, without rushing

tax cut

a reduction in the rate of taxation

tell a lie

to say something you know isn't true

tell a story

to share a story by reading it, recalling it, or making it up

tell sb the time

to tell somebody what time it is

tell the difference

to notice differences and be able to distinguish between similar things

tell the time

to be able to look at a clock, a sundial, stars, etc. and know what time it is

tell the truth

to say what's true or what really happened

tight budget

a budget that severely limits the amount of money that can be spent

tight grip

a firm hold

tight schedule

a schedule with very little time between appointments, meetings, etc.

time off

time away from work

top floor

the highest level or storey in a building

top priority

the most important of several issues, goals, tasks, etc.

top speed

the fastest speed that something can travel at

travel light

to travel without much luggage

try hard

to put a lot of effort into doing something

turn a corner

to go around a corner

turn around

to turn your body or head so that you're facing the opposite way

Contributor: Matt Errey