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ulterior motive

the hidden reason or purpose behind an action

ultimate goal

final objective or goal

uncertain future

a future that's likely to be worse than the present

unconditional love

love that isn't based on conditions or requirements

undergo surgery

to have a surgical procedure or operation

undergo treatment

to have treatment for a medical condition

unemployment benefit

a regular payment from the government to help someone who can't find a job

unfair advantage

an advantage that isn't fair or hasn't been earned

unfair dismissal

unjust or unfair firing of a worker

unrequited love

love you feel for someone who doesn't love you

unusually wealthy

much wealthier than other people in the same position or with the same job

upper deck

deck of a ship that's above lower decks and open to the sky

upper echelons

the highest ranks in a society or organization

upper limit

the highest level or amount allowed

upset sb's stomach

If something upsets your stomach, it causes a stomach problem that makes you feel sick.

upset stomach

If you've got an upset stomach, you feel sick in the stomach.

urban development

the building or development of towns and cities

urban renewal

the renewal of poor parts of a city by improving services and attracting investment

urban sprawl

the poorly-regulated spread of urban development into the countryside near a city

use sb's phone

to make a call on somebody else's phone

used car

a car that's already been owned by someone

utterly ridiculous

completely ridiculous or unreasonable

Contributor: Matt Errey