Collocations beginning with V. Select a collocation for more details.

vague idea

an approximate or imprecise idea

vague memory

unclear or incomplete memory

valid point

a point that most people would find reasonable and logical

valid reason

a reason that most people would find acceptable or believable

valuable contribution

an important contribution to something's development or success

valuable information

important or useful information

valuable lesson

If an experience becomes a valuable lesson, it teaches you something important.

vary widely

to vary a lot, or include very different types, amounts, degrees, etc.

vast majority

great majority, or the most by far

victory lap

a lap around a field or track to celebrate a victory

victory parade

a parade held to celebrate a victory, esp. in sports, war, politics, etc.

violent crime

a crime that causes injury or death

violent movie

a movie with many violent scenes

visiting hours

hours of the day when you can visit a hospital, prison, museum, zoo, government office, etc.

vital organs

organs that are essential for life, incl. the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs

vital role

a very important role

vocal critic

a person who often criticizes something or someone in public

vocal minority

a group that voices an opinion that the majority of people don't agree with

vocal music

music that includes parts for one or more singers, with or without instruments

vocal organs

organs used when speaking or making sounds

vote against

to not support someone or something with your vote

vote for

to give someone or something your vote

Contributor: Matt Errey