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wage increase

an increase in the amount of money a wage-earner is paid

wage war

to begin a struggle or campaign to fight something

wait your turn

to wait until your turn comes

warm welcome

a friendly or positive reception

warning sign

a sign or indication that something's wrong

waste an opportunity

to not make use of an opportunity or chance

waste money

to spend money on something you don't really need or want

waste of time

something that's not worth spending time on

waste time

to spend time doing something that brings no results

waste water

used water that's discharged from factories, farms, homes, etc.

watch your weight

to be careful about what you eat so you don't put on weight

wave goodbye

to wave your hand when leaving, or when someone else is leaving

way ahead

far ahead, or a long way in front

weak point

part of something that's easy to attack or criticize

wear and tear

damage caused by normal use over time

welcome change

a pleasant or long-awaited change

well after

a long time after

well ahead

a long way ahead

well aware of

fully or completely aware or informed

well before

a long time before

well behind

a long way behind

well worth

definitely worth doing, getting, seeing, etc.

whole thing

the entire thing, or all of something

wide awake

completely awake or fully alert

wide open

fully open, of a door, window, eyes, mouth, etc.

wide range (1)

a large number of similar products, services, styles, options, etc.

wide range (2)

many different types, esp. of people, opinions, choices, results, etc.

widely used

used by many people or in many places

wild animal

an animal that's living free in its natural habitat

win a game

to beat your opponent in a game

win a war

to defeat the enemy in a war

win an award

to receive an award

win an election

to be awarded victory by those running an election

work hard

to put a lot of effort into what you're doing

work well

operate or function properly, efficiently, smoothly, etc.

working conditions

environment and conditions in which you work

worth a fortune

worth a lot of money

wrong number

an incorrect telephone number

wrong way (1)

wrong direction

wrong way (2)

incorrect method, technique, strategy, etc.

Contributor: Matt Errey