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Conversational Phrases/J

Conversational phrases beginning with J. Select a phrase for more details.

join the club INFORMAL

You can say this when someone's having an unpleasant experience that you're also having, or have had.

jump to it! INFORMAL

You can say this to make someone do something quickly.

just a moment | just a minute

You can say this if you want somebody to wait for a very short time.

just a thought

You can say this to let someone know that you don't mind if your idea or suggestion is rejected.

just as I thought

You can say this if what you thought was true is proved to be true.

just as well

You can say this when a bad situation hasn't occurred, or has been avoided.

just kidding INFORMAL

You can say this if someone doesn't realize you're kidding or joking.

just like that

easily, quickly or without warning

just looking

You can say this to a shop assistant if you don't need their help while you're looking at things.

just out of interest | as a matter of interest

You can say this before asking for information you're interested in, but have no intention of using for any other purpose.

just the thing

You can say something's "just the thing" if it's exactly what's needed or wanted.

just you wait! INFORMAL

This can be used to strengthen a threat or a promise.

Contributor: Matt Errey