Conversational Phrases/K

Conversational phrases beginning with K. Select a phrase for more details.

keep it to yourself

You can say this if you don't want someone to tell other people something.

keep it up

to continue doing the same thing

keep up the good work

You can say this to encourage someone to continue working well, studying hard, playing well, etc.

kind of

You can say this when you can't describe something or someone exactly.

knock 'em dead INFORMAL

You can say this to give encouragement to someone who's about to perform in public, play sport, go for a job interview, etc.

knock yourself out INFORMAL

You can say this to give someone permission to have or do as much as they like.

know full well | know perfectly well

You can say this if you're sure someone knows something when they're pretending not to.

know what I'm sayin'? American English INFORMAL

You can say this to see if someone knows what you mean, or to fill in time before saying something else.

Contributor: Matt Errey