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a done deal American English INFORMAL

A done deal is an agreement or a decision that is final.

a drop in the bucket American English

If an amount is a drop in the bucket, it's a very small portion of the amount that's needed.

a drop in the ocean British English

If an amount is a drop in the ocean, it's a very small portion of the amount that's needed.

damned if you do and damned if you don't

If you say "damned if you do and damned if you don't" you're saying that no matter what someone does, they'll be criticised for it.

day to day

If something happens day to day, it's part of your usual daily routine.

de rigueur FORMAL

If something is de rigueur, it is necessary to have if you want to be fashionable or be accepted into a particular social scene.

dead in the water

If something is dead in the water, it has no chance of succeeding or of making any progress.

dead to the world INFORMAL

If you're dead to the world, you are sound asleep.

deep pockets

You can say a person or an organisation has deep pockets if they have lots of money.

dig one's own grave

If you dig your own grave, you do something unwise that will result in your own failure or downfall in the future.

dig up dirt

If you dig up dirt on someone, you try to find details from their past to make them look bad in the present.

dig your heels in

If you dig your heels in, you stubbornly resist something or refuse to change.

dirt cheap

You can say something is dirt cheap if it costs very little money.

do someone's dirty work

If you do someone's dirty work for them, you do something unpleasant for them because they don't want to do it for themselves.

do you the world of good

If something does you the world of good, it makes you feel a lot better.

do your best

If you do your best, you do something as well as you possibly can, or to the best of your ability.

dot the i's and cross the t's

If you dot the i's and cross the t's, you do something very carefully to make sure you haven't made any mistakes.

down in the dumps | down in the mouth INFORMAL

If you're down in the dumps, or down in the mouth, you're feeling sad.

down to earth

If someone is down to earth, they are practical and sensible.

drag your feet | drag your heels

If you drag your feet, or drag your heels, you do something slowly because you don't really want to do it.

draw a blank INFORMAL

If you draw a blank, you get no response when you ask for something, or get no results when you search for something.

dressed (up) to the nines INFORMAL

If you are dressed to the nines, or dressed up to the nines, you are wearing very smart clothes for a special occasion.

drink like a fish INFORMAL

If someone drinks like a fish, they drink a lot of alcohol.

drop a bombshell

If you drop a bombshell, you announce some shocking news.

the die is cast

We can say the die is cast after a decision has been made that will strongly affect a situation, and it can't be reversed.

Contributor: Matt Errey