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a quantum leap

A quantum leap is a major step in the development of something, or in the improvement of something.

a queer fish

If someone's a queer fish, they are a bit strange and can sometimes behave in an unusual way.

a question mark over someone | something

If there's a question mark over someone, there's some doubt about their future or their ability to do something. If there's a question mark over something, there's some doubt about its quality or its authenticity.

a question of time

You can say "it's only a question of time" before saying what you think will happen in the future.

a quick fix INFORMAL

If something is a quick fix, it's a quick and easy, but usually short-term, solution to a problem.

a quick study American English

If you're a quick study, you can learn new things quickly.

quaking in your boots

If you're quaking in your boots, you are very frightened.

quality time

If you spend quality time with someone, you spend time doing things that enrich your lives and improve your relationship.

quick as a flash | quick as a wink | quick as lightning

If you're as quick as a flash, or quick as a wink, or quick as lightning, you're very quick.

quick off the mark

If you are quick off the mark, you are quick to react to an event or an opportunity.

quick on the trigger | quick on the draw

If you are quick on the trigger, or quick on the draw, you act quickly when solving problems or answering questions.

quick on the uptake

If you are quick on the uptake, you're smart and you can understand things quickly.

quid pro quo FORMAL

If you do something as a quid pro quo, you do it on the understanding that something will be done for you in return.

quiet as a mouse

If you're as quiet as a mouse, you're very quiet.

quit while you're ahead

This phrase can be used to express the idea that one should stop doing something that's rewarding but risky before something bad happens.

quite a bit of | quite a lot of

If you've got quite a bit of something, or quite a lot of something, you have a fairly large amount of it.

Contributor: Matt Errey