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a tall order

If you say something's a tall order, you mean that it'll be hard to do or difficult to achieve.

take a break

If you take a break, you have a short rest while doing something like working or playing sport.

take for granted

We can say somebody takes something for granted if they assume it'll always be there for them, and they don't seem thankful for it.

take into account

If you take something or someone into account, you consider them when making a decision or making plans.

take part

If you take part in something, you join in or play a role in it.

take something the wrong way

If you take something the wrong way, you misunderstand what someone says and think they're being critical when they aren't.

take the bull by the horns

If you take the bull by the horns, you deal with a problem or a challenge in a direct and fearless way.

take the mickey | mick out of someone British English INFORMAL

If you're taking the mickey out of someone, or taking the mick out of them, you're making fun of them or copying their behaviour for a laugh.

take the plunge

If you take the plunge, you decide to do something you really want to do even though it's risky and possibly dangerous.

take with a grain of salt | take with a pinch of salt

If you take what someone says with a grain of salt, or with a pinch of salt, you have doubts about the truth or accuracy of what they say.

talk through your hat

If you're talking through your hat, you're talking about something without knowing much about it, or you claim something is true when it isn't.

talk turkey

If you talk turkey, you discuss something seriously, usually to do with business or money.

teething problems | teething troubles

If someone or something is having teething problems, or teething troubles, they're having problems during the early stages of something.

tell (things) apart

If you can tell things apart, you can see they're not the same by spotting the differences between them.

test the waters

If you test the waters, you try something first before deciding whether to get involved in it.

the tip of the iceberg

You can say something is the tip of the iceberg when it's just a small part of something much bigger.

Things are looking up.

You can say "things are looking up" if things are improving.

think better of something

If you think better of something, you decide not to do it even though you'd made plans to do it.

think outside the box

If you think outside the box, you think creatively and without being restricted by common ideas or ways of thinking.

think the world of

If you think the world of someone, you admire and respect them very much.

throw someone in at the deep end

If you throw someone in at the deep end, you give them a difficult job to do, or a serious problem to deal with, before they have the knowledge or experience for it.

tie the knot

If you tie the knot, you get married.

tighten your belt

If you tighten your belt, you try to spend less money.

time after time

If you do something time after time, you do it again and again, or repeatedly.

time and time again

If you've done something time and time again, you've done it many times, or you've done it repeatedly.

Contributor: Matt Errey