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a vested interest

If you have a vested interest in something, you have a strong personal interest in it because you stand to gain from it.

a vicious circle

If you're in a vicious circle you're in a situation in which the solution to one problem becomes the cause of another one, and the solution to that one causes the first problem to occur again.

a voice (crying) in the wilderness

You're a voice in the wilderness, or a voice crying in the wilderness, if you're expressing an unpopular opinion or insight.

a volte-face FORMAL

If you make a volte-face, you change your opinion or your decision about something to the exact opposite of what it was.

a vote of confidence

A vote of confidence is something that shows you're happy with the quality of something or pleased with someone or their work.

the very last

The very last of something is the final remaining quantity just before it runs out.

the very thing

If you say something is the very thing, you think it's exactly what's needed.

the villain of the piece

If you call someone the villain of the piece, you're saying they are the "bad" person in a situation.

vanish into thin air

If something vanishes into thin air, it disappears completely.

vent your spleen

If you vent your spleen, you express your anger.

verbal diarrhoea INFORMAL

If someone has verbal diarrhoea, they can't stop talking.

very well

You can say "very well" when you agree to do something.

vice versa

You can say "vice versa" when what you have just said is also true in the opposite, or reverse, order.

vim and vigor

If you have vim and vigor, you have lots of energy and enthusiasm for life.

virgin territory

You can say something is virgin territory if it's never been explored before or never been done before.

vis-a-vis FORMAL

You can say vis-a-vis instead of saying "in relation to".

vote with your feet

If you vote with your feet, you show your opinion of something by acting in a certain way, such as by buying something if you like it, or by not buying it if you don't like it.

Contributor: Matt Errey