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(it's) raining cats and dogs

You can say "it's raining cats and dogs" if it's raining very hard.

a fair-weather friend

A fair-weather friend is a person who will only be your friend when things are going well for you.

a ray of sunshine

Something is a ray of sunshine if it brings happiness to someone.

have your head in the clouds

If someone has their head in the clouds, they are out of touch with the everyday world and can be unrealistic or naive as a result.

make hay while the sun shines

If you make hay while the sun shines, you make good use of the chance to do something while it lasts.

quick as a flash | quick as a wink | quick as lightning

If you're as quick as a flash, or quick as a wink, or quick as lightning, you're very quick.

snowed under

If you are snowed under you have so much to do that you're having trouble doing it all.

under a cloud

If someone is under a cloud, they are suspected of having done something wrong.

under the weather

If you are under the weather, you're not feeling well.

weather a storm

If you weather a storm, you survive a dangerous event or deal with a difficult situation.
Also try Weather Idioms Quiz.

Contributor: Matt Errey