Phrasal Verbs/F

Phrasal verbs beginning with F. Select a phrasal verb for more details.

face up to

If you face up to a difficult or challenging situation, you accept that you have to deal with it, and then do something about it.

face with

If you are faced with something like a problem or a challenge, you have to deal with it.

factor in

to include a certain item when calculating or planning something

fade away

to slowly become weaker, softer or dimmer

fall apart

If something falls apart, it breaks into pieces or parts start falling off.

fall back on

to use or do something else because what you used or did first has failed

fall behind

If you have fallen behind other people, they have advanced faster than you and they are ahead of you.

fall for (1)

If you fall for something like a trick or a scam, you believe it's real or genuine even though it's not.

fall for (2)

If you fall for someone, you fall in love with them.

fall in (1)

If a roof or a ceiling falls in, it falls to the floor because it's been weakened or damaged.

fall in (2)

to form a line by standing side by side or one behind the other

fall off

to become less in amount or lower in level

fall out (1)

If something falls out, it becomes detached from whatever it's attached to.

fall out (2) INFORMAL

If you and a friend fall out, you are no longer friendly because of a disagreement or a problem you've had.

fall over

If someone falls over, they fall to the ground.

fall through

If a plan or a deal falls through, it doesn't work out and it's dropped or scrapped.

farm out

If you farm out work, you pay people outside your company to do it.

feel for

If you feel for someone, you have sympathy for them or feel sad because they are suffering.

fight back

If you fight back, you do what's needed to win a conflict or a battle after being attacked or threatened.

fight off

to try to stop someone or something from attacking you or hurting you

figure out (1)

If you figure something out, you find the solution to a problem or the answer to a question.

figure out (2)

If you figure somebody out, you know what they're like and how they're likely to act.

fill in (1)

If you fill in a form, you complete it by writing in the spaces provided.

fill in (2)

If you fill somebody in, you give them the details about something.

fill out

If you fill out a form, you complete it by writing in the spaces provided.

fill up (1)

If you fill something up, you make it full.

fill up (2)

to fill someone's stomach with food

find out

to discover a fact or information about something

finish off

to complete something, or to eat the last piece of something

finish up

to be in a certain place or situation after a long series of events or a long time

finish with

If you've finished with something, you've done what you needed to do with it and you no longer need it.

fire up

to create enthusiasm or excitement, usually among a group of people or a crowd

fit in (1)

to have enough space for something, or to have enough time for something

fit in (2)

If you fit in, you are accepted by a group of people and seen as "one of them".

fit together

to connect pieces that go together to make something

fix up (1)

to repair something or to improve the condition of something, especially something old or second-hand

fix up (2) INFORMAL

to arrange something for someone

fizzle out

If something fizzles out, it slowly loses its power or strength, and then ends weakly.

flare up

If something like a conflict or an illness flares up, it suddenly becomes worse.

flick through

If you flick through a book or a magazine, you have a quick look at a few of the pages.

flood in

If things flood in, they come quickly and in great numbers.

fob off (1) INFORMAL

to give someone something of low quality or little value

fob off (2) INFORMAL

to try to make someone stop complaining or stop bothering you by telling them something that isn't true, or by giving them an excuse

focus on

If you focus on something, you give it all your attention.

follow through

to continue something to the next stage, or to complete something

follow up

to do something in addition to what's already been done in order to complete or continue a process or a deal

fool around

If you're fooling around, you're having fun by joking and being a bit silly.

force into

to make someone do something they don't want to do

forge ahead

to make rapid progress toward a goal

freak out INFORMAL

If someone freaks out, they get very scared or upset by something.

free up

to make someone or something available by releasing them from their usual duties or function

freshen up

If you freshen up, you wash your face and hands and make yourself look and feel better.

frighten away

If you frighten away something or someone, you make them go away by making them feel afraid.

frown on

to disapprove of something

function as

to be used for a particular purpose, or to work in a particular way

fuss over

to give someone lots of attention to show how much you like them or how important you think they are

Contributor: Matt Errey