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Phrasal Verbs/J

Phrasal verbs beginning with J. Select a phrasal verb for more details.

jack up (1) INFORMAL

to increase the price or the cost of something by a large amount

jack up (2)

If you jack something up, you use a jack to lift it off the ground.

jam into

to force too many things or people into a small space

jam up

If something jams up, it can't work properly because one of its moving parts is jammed by something.

jazz up INFORMAL

If you jazz something up, you make it more exciting and more interesting.

jerk around American English INFORMAL

If someone jerks you around, they treat you badly or they deceive you in some way.

join in

If you join in an activity, you start doing it with people who are already doing it.

join up (1)

If you join up two things, you connect them.

join up (2)

If you join up, you enter the military in order to train and become a member of one of the armed forces.

join with FORMAL

If you join with someone or something to do something, you do it together.

jot down

If you jot something down, you quickly write it down on a pad or piece of paper.

juice up INFORMAL

to make something more exciting, more impressive, or more powerful

jumble up

If you jumble things up, you mix them up so that they are no longer in their proper order or formation.

jump at

If you jump at something like an offer or an opportunity, you take it with enthusiasm.

jump in (1)

If people are talking and you jump in, you interrupt someone who's talking, or you say something without being asked to speak.

jump in (2)

If you jump in, you get involved in a situation as soon as you notice it.

jump on INFORMAL

If someone jumps on you, they strongly criticise you.

jump up

If you jump up, you stand up quickly.

jut out

If something juts out, it is further foward than usual or it sticks out more than usual.

Contributor: Matt Errey