Phrasal Verbs/K

Phrasal verbs beginning with K. Select a phrasal verb for more details.

keel over

If somebody keels over, they fall to the floor, usually because of illness or loss of consciousness.

keep at

If you keep at something, you continue doing it.

keep away

If you keep something or someone away, you don't let the thing or the person come near.

keep away from

If you keep away from something or someone, you don't go near the thing or the person.

keep back (1)

If you keep something back, you don't tell someone about it.

keep back (2)

If something keeps you back, it stops you from getting where you want to go.

keep down (1)

If you keep something down, you stop it from increasing in size or number.

keep down (2)

to stop a noise from getting too loud

keep down (3)

to keep food in your stomach even though you feel like vomiting

keep from (1)

If something or someone keeps you from doing something, it means you can't do it.

keep from (2)

If you keep something from someone, you don't tell them about it.

keep in

to make someone stay in a place like a school or a hospital

keep off (1)

to not go on something, or to stop something or someone from going on something

keep off (2)

to avoid something like a certain food or a certain topic in conversation

keep on (1)

If you keep on doing something, you continue doing it.

keep on (2)

If you keep somebody on, you continue to employ them.

keep out

If you keep something out, you make sure it stays outside and doesn't come inside.

keep out of

If you keep out of something, you don't get involved in it.

keep to

If you keep to something like a limit, a budget or a schedule, you don't go over it or outside it.

keep up (1)

to continue doing something that has been successful

keep up (2)

If you keep up with someone, you stay at the same level and don't fall behind them.

keep up (3)

If somebody or something keeps you up, you cannot go to bed.

key in

to press the keys of a keyboard or a keypad in order to enter data

kick against

to show anger or opposition to something, especially if you're powerless to change it

kick around (1) INFORMAL

to discuss ideas or options in an informal way

kick around (2) INFORMAL

to treat someone badly

kick back American English INFORMAL

to relax and "take it easy"

kick in INFORMAL

If something kicks in, it starts to work or it starts to have an effect.

kick off (1) INFORMAL

to start something like a game, a meeting or a concert

kick off (2) INFORMAL

to force someone to leave something like a team or a committee

kick out INFORMAL

If somebody is kicked out of a place, they are forced to leave.

kick over

If you kick something over, you make it fall over by kicking it.

kid around INFORMAL

to have fun by acting in a silly way

kill off

to cause the death of a whole population or an entire species

kneel down

If you kneel down, you lower your height by putting one or both knees on the floor.

knock around (1) INFORMAL

to hit or kick somebody repeatedly

knock around (2) INFORMAL

If you knock around with someone, you spend time together because you're friends.

knock back (1) INFORMAL

to take a drink, usually alcoholic

knock back (2) British and Australian English INFORMAL

to reject someone or something or to refuse a request for something

knock down (1)

If something like a building or a wall is knocked down, it is destroyed on purpose.

knock down (2) British English

to hit someone with a vehicle

knock off (1) INFORMAL

to stop work for the day

knock off (2) British and Australian English INFORMAL

to steal something

knock off (3) INFORMAL

to murder somebody

knock off (4) INFORMAL

to reduce something, like a price or an amount

knock out (1)

If you are knocked out, you are hit so hard that you lose consciousness.

knock out (2) INFORMAL

If you knock somebody out, you impress them very much with something you do, or something you make.

knock out (3)

If you knock somebody out of a competition, they cannot continue because you've defeated them.

knock over (1) British English

to hit somebody with a vehicle and injure or kill them

knock over (2) American and Australian English INFORMAL

to rob something like a bank or a shop

knock together

to make something quickly, or without putting too much thought into details

knock up (1) British English INFORMAL

to make something quickly and without too much effort

knock up (2) British and Australian English offensive!

to make a woman pregnant

know of

If you know of something, you are aware of it.

known as

to be called a certain name, even though it mightn't be a real or official name

known for

to be well-known for something or famous for something

knuckle down INFORMAL

If you knuckle down, you start to take your work or your task seriously and do it properly.

Contributor: Matt Errey