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Phrasal Verbs/N

Phrasal verbs beginning with N. Select a phrasal verb for more details.

nag at

If someone is being nagged at by a fear, a doubt or a regret, they can't stop thinking about it.

nail down (1)

If you nail something down, you finally make a decision or come to an agreement about something.

nail down (2)

If you nail something down, you fasten it to a surface, such as the floor, with a nail.

nail up

If you nail something up, you use a nail to attach it to a vertical surface like a wall or a door.

name after British and Australian English

If you name somebody after someone else, you give them the same name.

name for American English

If you name somebody for someone else, you give them the same name.

narrow down

to reduce the number of possibilities, options or choices

nibble away at

to gradually reduce the quantity, strength or value of something

nip out INFORMAL

If you nip out, you leave wherever you are for a short time.

nod off INFORMAL

If you nod off, you fall asleep without meaning to.

nose around

If someone is nosing around, they're looking around in order to find information about something.

notch up INFORMAL

to achieve something like a win or a record

note down

If you note down something, you write it on a piece of paper or in a notebook.

number among

to include something or someone in a class or group of similar things or people

nut out American English

If you nut something out, you solve a problem or you calculate something.

Contributor: Matt Errey