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Facts are stubborn things

We cannot avoid the truth, even when it is not what we want to hear or express.

Faint heart never won fair lady

We should have the courage to pursue what we want if we wish to succeed in life.

Fair exchange is no robbery

Swapping one thing fairly in return for another is not the same as stealing.

Familiarity breeds contempt

When we know someone or something very well, we lose respect for them or it.

First things first

1) Be patient: do things in the logical order. 2) Do the most important things before the less important things.

Forewarned is forearmed

If we know about a possible danger in advance, we have an important advantage.

Fortune favours the bold

Successful people are often those who are prepared to take risks.

Fortune knocks once at every man's door

We all get at least one good opportunity in life; everybody has the opportunity to be successful in life.

Contributor: Josef Essberger