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All truths are not to be told

Some truths are better left unspoken. It is not always necessary to repeat something even though it be true.

Dying men speak true

When people are about to die, they usually tell the truth.

Facts are stubborn things

We cannot avoid the truth, even when it is not what we want to hear or express.

Many a true word is spoken in jest

Something said as a joke may often contain wisdom and truth.

The Devil sometimes speaks the truth

1) Sometimes what Satan says is true, to make us more ready to believe his lies. 2) Don't believe everything at face value. Be aware that liars can use the truth to trick us.

There is truth in wine

When people are drunk, what they say is often true. People often speak the truth when they lose their self-control.

Truth has no answer

It is difficult to argue against facts. We cannot refute what is true.

Truth is stranger than fiction

Real life can be more amazing and difficult to believe than made-up stories.

Truth needs no colours

Facts are facts. What is true is true, and it does not need decoration.

Truth will out

In the end, what is true will come to be known. The truth always appears eventually, despite all efforts to hide it. It is impossible to keep something secret forever.
These are English sayings and proverbs about Truth and factuality.

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Contributor: Josef Essberger