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airhead American English offensive!

a silly, stupid person

ankle-biter American and Australian English

a child

antsy American and Australian English

restless, impatient, unsettled

ass-kisser American English taboo!!!

someone who says nice things to someone in order to get something from them

beat box American English

to create rhythmic percussive sounds with your mouth, especially when accompanying rhymes or rapping

blast (1) American English

a great experience, a very enjoyable time

bling American English

flashy jewellery worn to create the impression of wealth

blow (2) American English


bull dyke American and Australian English offensive!

a lesbian (see note below) who is very manly in appearance and behaviour

can (1) American and Australian English

to reject or criticize something or someone

can (3) American English


da bomb American English

excellent, extremely good

deadbeat dad American English

a father who doesn't pay child support regularly

dis | diss American English

to show disrespect to someone by saying or doing something insulting

donkey American and Australian English

a stupid or silly person

dork American English offensive!

a socially awkward person

empty-nester American and Australian English

a parent whose children have grown up and left home

ends American English


fanny (1) American English

a person's buttocks or bottom

flake American English

an unreliable person who says they'll do something, but then doesn't do it

fruit American English offensive!

an offensive, derogatory word for a gay man, or a male homosexual

funk American English

(in phrase be in a funk) an unhappy, depressed mood

goof off | goof around American English

waste time, play around

hickey American English

a mark on the neck or face caused by a lover biting or sucking the skin, a love bite

honky American English offensive!

a derogatory term in black American slang for a white person

hood (1) American English

a neighbourhood, especially in a poor, urban area

hood (2) American English

a criminal, a member of a criminal gang

hooky | hookey American English

(in phrase play hooky) to stay away from school or work without permission

hoops American English

the game of basketball

hustler (1) American and Australian English

a person, usually male, who has sex for money

hustler (2) American and Australian English

a skilled player, esp. at pool or billiards, who cheats other players by pretending to be an average player and then challenging them to play for money

ice (1) American English

diamonds; expensive jewellery

ice (2) American English

to kill someone

ice (3) American and Australian English

an illegal drug; crystalline methamphetamine, speed

icky American English

unpleasant in colour or taste

idiot-box American and Australian English

television, TV

ill American English

good, excellent

inhale American English

to eat very quickly

ivories (2) American English

piano keys

jack (1) American English

to steal

jack (2) | jack shit American English

nothing; very little

jailbait American and Australian English

someone below the legal age of consent

janky American English

poorly made, of low quality

jizz | jism American English vulgar!!

semen, sperm, male reproductive fluid

jock American English

an athlete, sportsman

john American English

the bathroom, toilet

joint (2) American English

a prison, a jail

jollies American English

fun, thrills, enjoyment

jugs American English vulgar!!

a woman's breasts

kick-ass American English

forceful, aggressive

kike American English taboo!!!

a derogatory word meaning a Jewish person

klutz American and Australian English offensive!

a clumsy or foolish person

knock over American English

to rob a store or a bank

kook American English

a strange or eccentric person

kooky American English

strange or eccentric

lardass American English offensive!

an overweight person, esp. one with large buttocks

loaded (2) American English

drunk, drugged, under the influence of a mind-altering substance

louse American English offensive!

an unpleasant or nasty person

louse up American English

to spoil something or make it fail

make out American English

to hug and kiss, possibly with some petting

mojo American English

spirit, passion, zest

moon American English

to expose one's buttocks in order to insult or amuse someone

nix American English

to cancel something, to stop something from happening

nod out American and Australian English

to go unconscious after taking a narcotic drug like heroin

noggin American and Australian English

a person's head

off American English

to murder, to kill

pain | pain in the ass | pain in the butt American English

an annoying or troublesome person or thing

pimp (2) | pimp out American English

to customize or renovate something; to make something flashier or more appealing

pissed (2) American English offensive!

angry, annoyed

poop American English

excrement (n.) | to defecate (v.)

pooped American and Australian English

very tired, exhausted

quarter American English

a U.S. or Canadian 25-cent coin

quarterback American English

to lead and make decisions

queef | quif American English taboo!!!

to expel air from the vagina (v.) | an expulsion of air from the vagina (n.)

rap (1) American and Australian English

to talk together in a relaxed way (v.) | a relaxed talk (n.)

rap sheet American English

a criminal record

Rats! American English

an exclamation that expresses mild annoyance

ratty (1) American and Australian English

in poor condition; worn or damaged because of continuous use

redneck American English offensive!

a lower-class white person from a rural background

ripped (2) American and Australian English

intoxicated, drunk, drugged

rubber American English

a condom

smart-ass American English offensive!

a person who's annoying because they try to show how clever and knowledgeable they are (n.) | having an annoying way of trying to seem clever (adj.)

tee off American English

to make someone angry, to annoy

thick (2) American English

full-figured without appearing overweight

threads American English


tight-ass American English offensive!

1) sby who spends as little money as possible, a miser 2) sby who's repressed and very strict about following society's rules

total American and Australian English

to completely destroy, to wreck

ugg boots | ugh boots American and Australian English

soft sheepskin boots that originated in Australia

upchuck American English

to vomit, throw up

veep American English

the vice president

wedgie | wedgy American and Australian English

The pulling of someone's pants up sharply from behind to wedge them in the crack of the buttocks.

whack American English

to murder, esp. within the context of organised crime

XYZ American English

"code" said to alert someone that their zipper, or fly, is open

Yo! American English

a greeting, like "Hey!"

yo-yo American English

a stupid or crazy person

zap (3) American English

to control an appliance like a TV with a hand-held device

zinger American English

a striking comment, an amusing remark

zip (2) American and Australian English

nothing, zero

zonk American English

to hit or punch someone

zonked | zonked out (1) American and Australian English

under the influence of drugs or alcohol

zonked | zonked out (2) American English

exhausted, very tired

Zs American English


Contributor: Matt Errey