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dishonest, corrupt


to be charged with a criminal offence

can (2)

prison, jail


to persuade someone to do something in order to cheat them


a policeman or a policewoman


someone who has spent time in jail

fix (1)

to influence the result of a contest, a vote, or a race by illegal or unethical means

hood (2) American English

a criminal, a member of a criminal gang

hot (1)


hustler (2) American and Australian English

a skilled player, esp. at pool or billiards, who cheats other players by pretending to be an average player and then challenging them to play for money

ice (2) American English

to kill someone

jack (1) American English

to steal

jailbait American and Australian English

someone below the legal age of consent

job (2)

a crime, especially one that involves detailed planning

joint (2) American English

a prison, a jail


a payment made, often secretly or illegally, to someone who has helped to arrange a deal or a job

knock off (2)

to kill someone, to murder someone

knock off (3) British and Australian English

to steal something

knock over American English

to rob a store or a bank

loan shark

an unauthorised moneylender who charges very high interest rates


stolen money or goods

Mickey Finn | Mickey | mickey

a drink to which a drug has been added to make the drinker sleepy or unconscious

mug (1)

to rob someone in a public place

mug shot

a photograph of someone taken after their arrest


a person paid to carry illegal drugs from one country to another


to catch someone doing something wrong

narc | nark

a narcotics officer, a police officer working in drug trade suppression

nick (1) British English

to steal something

nick (2) British English

to arrest somebody

off American English

to murder, to kill

on the take

to be receiving illegal payments or bribes

pack heat

to carry a gun


a gun

pig (2) offensive!

a police officer

pimp (1)

a manager of prostitutes

racket (2)

a dishonest or illegal activity that makes money

rap sheet American English

a criminal record


a scheme to get money dishonestly


stolen money or goods

whack American English

to murder, esp. within the context of organised crime


a Japanese criminal organisation, or a member of such an organisation
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Contributor: Matt Errey