Slang words beginning with F. Select a slang term for more details.


fabulous, wonderful

fanny (1) American English

a person's buttocks or bottom

fanny (2) British and Australian English vulgar!!

a woman's vagina

fart offensive!

to release gas from the anus (v.) | a release of gas from the anus (n.)

fat cat

a wealthy company director or board member


a small, harmless lie (n.) | to tell a small, harmless lie (v.)

fix (1)

to influence the result of a contest, a vote, or a race by illegal or unethical means

fix (2)

a dose of an illegal drug, especially one that is injected with a syringe


body fat, soft loose flesh on a person's body

flake American English

an unreliable person who says they'll do something, but then doesn't do it


to attack someone by posting an abusive message in an online forum or message board

flick British and Australian English

a movie


a sudden reversal of policy (n.) | to suddenly reverse a policy (v.)

floozy | floozie | floosie

a girl or woman with a reputation for sleeping with many people


a good outcome resulting from luck more than skill


to fail an exam or a course of study

footy Australian English

Australian Rules Football, Aussie Rules Football


a strange person


something you get for free

fruit American English offensive!

an offensive, derogatory word for a gay man, or a male homosexual

fruitcake offensive!

a crazy or eccentric person

fuck taboo!!!

to have sex (v.) | sexual intercourse (n.)

fuck all taboo!!!

nothing or very little

fuck around taboo!!!

to waste time, to do unimportant or trivial things

fuck off taboo!!!

go away

fuck up taboo!!!

to do something badly, to ruin something

fuck-up taboo!!!

a serious mistake

fucked | fucked up taboo!!!

ruined, spoiled, in bad condition

funk American English

(in phrase be in a funk) an unhappy, depressed mood

funky (1)

fashionable in an unusual and striking way

funky (2)

having strong dance rhythms

Contributor: Matt Errey