Slang words beginning with J. Select a slang term for more details.


an injection with a hypodermic syringe

jack (1) American English

to steal

jack (2) | jack shit American English

nothing; very little

jailbait American and Australian English

someone below the legal age of consent

jam (1)

a difficult situation

jam (2)

to play music informally

janky American English

poorly made, of low quality

jerk offensive!

a stupid person

jerk off | jack off vulgar!!

to masturbate

jet set

a class of rich, fashionable people who travel for pleasure

jiffy | jiff

a moment, a very short time


nervousness, anxiety


very nervous

jizz | jism American English vulgar!!

semen, sperm, male reproductive fluid

job (1)

an operation or procedure to make someone or something look better

job (2)

a crime, especially one that involves detailed planning

jock American English

an athlete, sportsman

john American English

the bathroom, toilet

joint (1)

a place where people can eat, or drink, or be entertained

joint (2) American English

a prison, a jail

joint (3) | jay

a marijuana cigarette


a person or thing that's ridiculous and doesn't deserve respect

jollies American English

fun, thrills, enjoyment


to tease someone, usually in a friendly way

jugs American English vulgar!!

a woman's breasts


energy, power


very interesting in a scandalous or lurid way


to leave without permission, to move illegally


anxious, uneasy, on edge


a dangerous drug, especially an opiate like heroin or morphine

junkie | junky

a drug addict; a person obsessed with something

Contributor: Matt Errey