Slang words beginning with K. Select a slang term for more details.

kef | kif

plant material that's smoked or ingested for its mind-altering effects, such as cannabis, marijuana or hashish


a noisy dispute, a commotion

kick | kicks

excitement, fun

kick-ass American English

forceful, aggressive


a payment made, often secretly or illegally, to someone who has helped to arrange a deal or a job

kid (1)

child, young person

kid (2)

to say something that isn't true as a joke

kike American English taboo!!!

a derogatory word meaning a Jewish person

kill (1)

cause pain

kill (2)

be very angry or upset with someone


excellent, awesome, outstanding


playfully erotic, sexually eccentric


the mouth


a New Zealander, New Zealand

klutz American and Australian English offensive!

a clumsy or foolish person

knackered (1) British and Australian English

very tired, exhausted

knackered (2) British and Australian English

severely damaged


to criticize someone or something

knock off (1)

to finish work for the day, to stop working

knock off (2)

to kill someone, to murder someone

knock off (3) British and Australian English

to steal something

knock over American English

to rob a store or a bank

knock up

to make a woman pregnant, to impregnate

knockers British English vulgar!!

a woman's breasts

knockoff | knock-off

a cheap copy of a brand-name product


a very attractive or impressive person or thing

knuckle sandwich

a punch in the mouth

KO | kayo

a knockout, especially in boxing (n.) | to knock someone out, usually with a punch (v.)

kook American English

a strange or eccentric person

kooky American English

strange or eccentric

Contributor: Matt Errey