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axe | ax (2)

a musical instrument, esp. a jazz musician's guitar, trumpet or saxophone

beat box American English

to create rhythmic percussive sounds with your mouth, especially when accompanying rhymes or rapping

ear candy

pleasant-sounding music


a song that repeats annoyingly in one's head


a style of music and fashion that developed among American teens in the early 21st century

funky (2)

having strong dance rhythms


a public performance, usually of rock, folk or jazz music

groupie | groupy

follower of a singer or a band who offers sexual favours


a style of rock music that appeared in Seattle in the late 1980's


rock music not released by major music labels

ivories (2) American English

piano keys

jam (2)

to play music informally


a recording that mixes together tracks from two or more different songs or instrumental pieces

mosh pit

an area in front of the stage at a rock concert where people dance energetically, or "mosh"

rap (2)

to recite lyrics over a rhythmic beat



veejay | VJ

a presenter of music videos, usually on television
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Contributor: Matt Errey