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ocker Australian English

a crude and obnoxious Australian


to take an overdose of a drug


a strange or eccentric person (n.) | strange, weird (adj.)

off American English

to murder, to kill

off the hook

1. no longer suspected of guilt 2. no longer obliged to do something

off the wall

eccentric, extreme, unconventional


unconventional, not typical, strange

oi! British English

a sound used to attract someone's attention, like "hey!"

okay | OK

all right, acceptable

old bat

an unpleasant old woman

old hat

old-fashioned, uninteresting, overly-familiar

old lady

wife, girlfriend, mother

old man

father, husband, boyfriend

old school | old-school

from a previous period, and usually highly-regarded


an old person


an old song, film, or TV show that's still enjoyed by many people

on fire

to be doing something really well

on the blink

out of order, not working

on the level

honest, truthful

on the mend

to be recovering from illness or injury, getting better

on the rocks

facing difficulties, esp. of a relationship or a business

on the take

to be receiving illegal payments or bribes

on the wagon

not drinking alcohol, esp. of an alcoholic or a heavy drinker


a quick inspection or search

one-night stand

a sexual relationship lasting just one night


lots of, a great number or amount of something


power or force


something said after making a small mistake or having a small accident

out (1)

not in fashion, not trendy

out (2)

to be openly gay

Contributor: Matt Errey