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abdominal or stomach muscles

footy Australian English

Australian Rules Football, Aussie Rules Football

gaffer British English

the manager, the boss

hoops American English

the game of basketball

hustler (2) American and Australian English

a skilled player, esp. at pool or billiards, who cheats other players by pretending to be an average player and then challenging them to play for money

jock American English

an athlete, sportsman


energy, power

KO | kayo

a knockout, especially in boxing (n.) | to knock someone out, usually with a punch (v.)

nineteenth hole

the bar in a golf course clubhouse that players often go to after playing eighteen holes of golf

quarterback American English

to lead and make decisions

ripped (1)

to have well-defined muscles




(in phrase the yips) nervous tension that causes mistakes

zip (1)

energy, vitality
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Contributor: Matt Errey