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ace (1)

very skillful, very good at something


amazing, impressive, really cool

blast (1) American English

a great experience, a very enjoyable time

cheesy | cheesey

of very low quality; not stylish or tasteful


a strong feeling of love or infatuation for someone

dork American English offensive!

a socially awkward person

dweeb American English offensive!

a studious but socially inept person


a style of music and fashion that developed among American teens in the early 21st century


extreme (in either a good or bad sense)

goof off | goof around American English

waste time, play around


silly or harmlessly eccentric


disgusting, very unpleasant

hang | hang out

to spend time with

hickey American English

a mark on the neck or face caused by a lover biting or sucking the skin, a love bite

hooky | hookey American English

(in phrase play hooky) to stay away from school or work without permission

ill American English

good, excellent

jack (1) American English

to steal

janky American English

poorly made, of low quality

jerk offensive!

a stupid person


bad, weak, of poor quality

make out American English

to hug and kiss, possibly with some petting


very big; extremely

nerd offensive!

a studious person with few social skills


to be great, excellent

suck | it sucks

be very bad


very, really



zonked | zonked out (2) American English

exhausted, very tired
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Contributor: Matt Errey