Slang words beginning with W. Select a slang term for more details.


crazy, insane, mad

wacky | whacky

strange or funny in a silly or bizarre way

wank vulgar!!

to masturbate (v.) | an act of masturbation (n.)

wanker offensive!

an arrogant or pretentious person


a person who wants to be the type of person they admire, or part of a group or class of people they admire

washed up | washed-up

having failed, having lost everything

wasted (1)

killed, murdered

wasted (2)

to be very intoxicated from the use of alcohol or drugs

wedgie | wedgy American and Australian English

The pulling of someone's pants up sharply from behind to wedge them in the crack of the buttocks.


marijuana, cannabis


thin and physically weak


a strange, eccentric or weird person

whack American English

to murder, esp. within the context of organised crime

whacked | whacked out

to be very tired, or very intoxicated from the use of alcohol or drugs


the raising of the front wheel of a bicycle or a motorbike off the ground while riding


a car

whiz | wiz

someone with great talent or skill


an interjection of great enjoyment or excitement

whopper (1)

something that is much bigger than the usual size

whopper (2)

a "big" lie

whopping | whopping great

extremely large, huge

whore vulgar!!

a female prostitute

wicked British English

very good, excellent, outstanding


(always in plural form the willies) a feeling of fear or strong apprehension


a weak, unassertive person

wog British English taboo!!!

an offensive, derogatory term for a person whose skin colour is not white

wop taboo!!!

a derogatory term for a person from southern Europe, especially an Italian


a summary of recent events


a person who's in very poor condition physically or mentally


very drunk, very intoxicated

Contributor: Matt Errey