5-Minute Quiz Game

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Preparation: Choose a questionsheet from the Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Sayings or Slang quizzes. Print one copy for every two students. You can find the Answers here.

How it Works

1. Divide the class into pairs and place a copy of the question sheet face down in front of each pair.

2. Explain that the members of each pair must work together to answer as many questions as they can within five minutes. They should mark their answers on their question sheet and may answer the questions in any order they wish.

3. Check your watch and then say "Go!" Each pair then turns over their question sheet and begins answering. You might like to give a "time warning" one minute before time runs out. Stop the quiz after exactly five minutes.

4. After the quiz, read each question and elicit answers from your class. Explain and discuss the answers. Each pair counts their correct answers, and the pair with the highest number wins.



Contributor: Matt Errey