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TV Quiz Show Game

Level: Intermediate to Advanced


1. Print two sets of Idioms questions, two sets of Sayings questions, and two sets of Slang questions. You can find the Answers here.

2. Set up a "stage" at the front of the classroom with three chairs facing the class. These are for the "contestants".

3. Draw a scoring table on the board with a column for each contestant:

Contestants: Yukio Carlos Maria

How it Works

1. Ask for one student to act as "quiz master" and give him or her the question sheets, or act as quiz master yourself. Ask for three students to act as contestants in the first round, and have them take their seats on the stage. The quiz master then writes their names along the top of the scoring table. The rest of the students stay in their seats and act as the "audience" for the first round.

2. To begin, the quiz master asks the first contestant which category he or she would like to answer a question from. The quiz master then reads the first question from this category, repeating it if necessary. The contestant has up to 15 seconds to answer (you, or the quiz master, can act as timekeeper). If the contestant answers correctly, the quiz master ticks, or checks, the box for that category in the contestant's column (encourage the audience to applaud at this point). If the answer is not correct, the quiz master asks if a member of the audience knows the answer. If no-one does, the quiz master gives the answer. Then the next contestant chooses a category, and so on.

3. The first round continues until one of the contestants has correctly answered a question from each of the three categories, and has a tick, or check, in each box under his or her name. Students then exchange roles for the second round, with three new contestants taking their seats. The quiz master continues asking questions from the same question sheets for the second round. After this round, students exchange roles again. New rounds are played until all the students have had a chance to act as a contestant.

4. If you have time, you can continue with the winner of each round joining in a final "championship" round. If you've had more than three rounds, you'll need more chairs and a bigger scoring table so that all the winners of the early rounds can join in. The first contestant to correctly answer one question from each category becomes the class champion.


Contributor: Matt Errey