direct flight

This page is about the collocation direct flight

collocation pattern: adjective + noun


a flight that doesn't stop on its way to a destination

For example

  • Do you want a direct flight, or do you want to stop over in Singapore?

  • Flights to Los Angeles used to stop over in Hawaii, but you can get direct flights now.

The meaning above is the most common one. Other meanings include a flight that stops over, but passengers aren't required to change planes, or two or more connecting flights that share the same flight number. When booking, it's best to ask for a "non-stop flight" if you want to fly directly to your destination.

Quick Quiz

I prefer direct flights because they usually

a. fly much faster

b. don't fly as far

c. don't take as long
a) fly much faster b) don't fly as far c) don't take as long

Contributor: Matt Errey