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make sense (2)

This page is about the collocation make sense (2)

collocation pattern: verb + noun


If a sentence or statement "makes sense", it can be understood by the people who read it or hear it.

For example

  • "Chickens can't fly" makes sense, but "flies can't chicken" makes no sense at all.

  • Einstein's theory of relativity made sense to very few people when he first wrote about it.

For advanced learners: The expression "it doesn't make sense" can mean it's so badly expressed that it's meaningless, or that the idea being expressed, or the language being used, is too advanced for the listener to comprehend.

Quick Quiz

The words he spoke made no sense because

a. the spelling he used was wrong

b. the grammar he used was wrong

c. the people who listened were wrong

Contributor: Matt Errey