all in good time

This page is about the conversational phrase all in good time


You can say this if someone wants to do something before the normal or proper time.

For example

  • "I'm sick of being a kid. I want to be a grown-up."
    "All in good time, my boy."

  • "Why can't we start? Everyone's here."
    "All in good time, Lizzie. You can't start a wedding before the proper time."

Be careful when using this. You could upset someone if you say it when they think something's taking too long, as in "Why's the ambulance taking so long?" "All in good time."

Quick Quiz

His Dad said, "All in good time," after Simon said,

a. "Can you teach me to drive, Dad?"

b. "How long does it take to learn?"

c. "I've been getting some lessons."

Contributor: Matt Errey