cross my heart (and hope to die)

This page is about the conversational phrase cross my heart (and hope to die)


You can use this to emphasize that you'll do what you promise to do, or that you're telling the truth.

For example

  • "Will you give me the rest of the money next week?"
    "I will, Nicky - cross my heart."

  • "Did you take some money from my purse, Owen?"
    "No, Mum. I didn't. Cross my heart and hope to die."

Mostly used by children, or by adults in informal situations. You should never say it during formal situations such as when testifying in court or applying for a bank loan.

Quick Quiz

If someone says "Cross my heart and hope to die", they're hoping you'll

a. believe them

b. protect them

c. make a promise

Contributor: Matt Errey