for God's sake | for Heaven's sake

This page is about the conversational phrase for God's sake | for Heaven's sake


You can say this to show you're angry or upset, or to strongly emphasize what you're saying.

For example

  • "When are you going to fix the roof?"
    "For God's sake, Emma! I said I'd do it when I have time, OK?"

  • "I lost my phone again, Dad."
    "Again? Try to be more careful, for Heaven's sake."


1. Also "for goodness' sake", "for Pete's sake" and "for Christ's sake".
2. Be careful when using "for God's sake" and "for Christ's sake". Some people find these expressions offensive.

Quick Quiz

You can say "for God's sake" or "for Heaven's sake" if you're

a. arguing

b. apologizing

c. praying

Contributor: Matt Errey