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for your information

This page is about the conversational phrase for your information


You can say this when you're telling someone they're wrong about something, esp. if their mistake has annoyed or insulted you.

For example

  • "Excuse me, nurse. Can you..."
    "For your information, I'm a doctor - not a nurse!"

  • "Why did you lose your last job?"
    "I didn't lose it, for your information. I resigned of my own free will!"

You can also use the initialism FYI in emails and tweets, as in "FYI I think he's wrong". This doesn't necessarily have the same tone of annoyance that the spoken phrase usually has.

Quick Quiz

Joni said angrily, "For your information, I'm Canadian!" Someone had

a. asked her for information

b. asked her where she was from

c. assumed she was from the U.S.A.

Contributor: Matt Errey