I'll show you! | I'll show them!

This page is about the conversational phrase I'll show you! | I'll show them!


You can say this if you're going to show someone what you can do, esp. if you're angry or showing off.

For example

  • Before getting beaten up, Tom had said, "You think I can't fight? I'll show you!"

  • Mike said, "Look at those idiots in their fancy car. I'll show them!" Then he revved his engine and sped off.


1. Also "I'll show him!", "I'll show her!", "I'll show John!", etc.
2. This phrase also has a literal meaning, as in "The bathroom's this way. Come on, I'll show you."

Quick Quiz

People who say "I'll show you!" probably feel the need to

a. see themselves

b. show themselves

c. prove themselves

Contributor: Matt Errey