like hell (1)

This page is about the conversational phrase like hell (1)


You can say this to show that you don't believe something, or strongly doubt something.

For example

  • "The police will arrest him if we tell them what he did."
    "Like hell they will. He pays them bribes."

  • They said Danny didn't steal the money, and I said, "Like hell he didn't. He was the only one who knew where it was."

WARNING! This is very informal, and even regarded as swearing by some people, so don't use it unless you're virtually fluent and you understand when and how to use it.

Quick Quiz

I said, "He's trying to stop," and his wife said, "Like hell he is. He

a. hasn't had a drink all week."

b. hides bottles all over the place."

c. has never had a drinking problem."

Contributor: Matt Errey