my goodness | my goodness me

This page is about the conversational phrase my goodness | my goodness me


This is an old-fashioned way of expressing surprise.

For example

  • Enid looked at her watch and said, "My goodness me! It's four o'clock already."

  • "I just saw Helen's daughter - and she's pregnant!"
    "My goodness! And she isn't even married!"

Also "goodness me", "goodness gracious", "goodness gracious me" and "my goodness gracious me". All of these expressions are very old-fashioned.

Quick Quiz

I said, "Madge and Doug are getting married!" and Edna said,

a. "My goodness! Is that so?"

b. "My goodness! So I heard."

c. "My goodness! Who cares?"

Contributor: Matt Errey