of course not!

This page is about the conversational phrase of course not!


You can answer a question with this if you want to say "no" very definitely or forcefully.

For example

  • "Are the police allowed to shoot people who don't threaten them with a weapon?"
    "Of course not! That would be murder."

  • "Would you have gone out with him if you'd known he was violent?"
    "Of course not! Do you think I wanted to be beaten up?"

This is a shortened form of phrases like "Of course they aren't", "Of course I wouldn't", "Of course she didn't", etc.

Quick Quiz

He said, "Of course not!" after someone said,

a. "Have you ever been a child?"

b. "Would you ever hurt a child?"

c. "Don't you love your children?"

Contributor: Matt Errey