suit yourself

This page is about the conversational phrase suit yourself


This is a way of telling someone to do what they want to do, esp. if they've ignored your advice or your wishes and you're annoyed with them.

For example

  • Bill said he wouldn't stop drinking alcohol, and his doctor said, "Suit yourself, Bill. But you'll regret this decision in the future."

  • "I'm not going to college, Dad. I don't care what you say."
    "OK, suit yourself. But don't blame me when you end up working in a fast food restaurant."

Quick Quiz

When Emma said she didn't want the job, her husband said, "Suit yourself.

a. But I doubt you'll get a better offer."

b. I wouldn't want a job like that either."

c. Now call them and tell them you want it!"

Contributor: Matt Errey