that'll do | that'll have to do

This page is about the conversational phrase that'll do | that'll have to do


You can say this instead of saying "that's enough" or "that's good enough".

For example

  • "I've only got twenty dollars. Is that enough?"
    "OK, that'll do."

  • "I can't find a pen, but I found a pencil."
    "That'll have to do, I guess."

The use of "do" to mean "be good enough" is found in many other conversational phrases, such as "Will this do?", "It'll have to do", "That one will do", etc.

Quick Quiz

To which question could you reply "That'll do"?

a. Would you like some dessert?

b. Do you have any chocolate cake?

c. Would you like ice-cream instead?

Contributor: Matt Errey