unless I'm mistaken | if I'm not mistaken

This page is about the conversational phrase unless I'm mistaken | if I'm not mistaken


This is a polite thing to say if you're sure what you're saying is correct.

For example

  • "Isn't Sydney the capital city of Australia?"
    "Unless I'm mistaken, I think it's actually Canberra."

  • "The Congo was colonized by Belgium, right?"
    "That's right. During the nineteenth century, if I'm not mistaken."

People often say this if they're afraid others might think they're "showing off", or trying to appear clever or knowledgeable.

Quick Quiz

Yoy can say "Unless I'm mistaken" or "If I'm not mistaken" if you think

a. you're right

b. you're wrong

c. you're clever
a) you're right b) you're wrong c) you're clever

Contributor: Matt Errey