who wants to...?

This page is about the conversational phrase who wants to...?


You can say this when suggesting something to more than one person.

For example

  • "Who wants to go to the beach?" said Li Ming, and all her kids yelled, "Me! I wanna go!"

  • Kelly said, "Who wants to play tennis?" and Josh said, "Sure. I'll have a game."


1. Can also be used as a rhetorical question if you don't think something's a good idea, as in "Who wants to play golf in this sort of weather? It's much too hot."
2. Also "Who'd like to...?" and "Would anyone like to...?"

Quick Quiz

Olivia said, "Who wants to come with me?" She was inviting

a. herself

b. all of us

c. just me

Contributor: Matt Errey