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ethnic cleansing

This page is about the doublespeak term ethnic cleansing

Meaning: genocide

For example:

  • Nazi Germany's so-called "ethnic cleansing" led to the deaths of over six million Jews.

  • "Ethnic cleansing" by British settlers killed nearly all the indigenous Australians in Tasmania.

Often used as a euphemism for "genocide", or the mass murder of one race or ethnic group by another. An ethnic group is a group of people who share the same culture, traditions, homeland, etc. Examples include Arabs, Jews, Persians, Kurds, Turks, Armenians, Malays and Indigenous Australians. Some of the worst examples of "ethnic cleansing" include the Armenian Genocide, the Jewish Holocaust, the Rwandan Genocide and the Bosnian Genocide.

Quick Quiz:

People who carry out "ethnic cleansing" are

a. victims

b. murderers

c. cleaners

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Contributor: Matt Errey