This page is about the dysphemism McMansion


one of many oversized houses built close together and to similar designs

For example

  • I couldn't live in a housing estate full of bloody McMansions. I'd rather die!

  • They bought a huge McMansion with six bedrooms and six bathrooms for a family of three!

This word is a dysphemism for suburban houses that are big enough to impress people but cheap enough for middle class families to afford. The word combines "Mc" from the McDonalds hamburger chain with "mansion", a word that means "a large and impressive house". Like McDonalds hamburgers, McMansions look the same and are made quickly and cheaply with inexpensive "ingredients".

Quick Quiz

"McMansions" are oversized houses that are

a. as similar as hamburgers

b. as fattening as hamburgers

c. as cheap as hamburgers
a) as similar as hamburgers b) as fattening as hamburgers c) as cheap as hamburgers

Contributor: Matt Errey

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